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IUSD District-wide Progress
The Inglewood Unified School District (IUSD) was established in 1953 with the merger of two high schools from Centinela Valley along with the elementary schools of Inglewood School District, which came into existence in 1888. It encompasses nine square miles in Los Angeles County and is about 13 miles southwest of the city of Los Angeles. Inglewood Unified currently serves approximately 11,000 students in 18 schools in the city of Inglewood and an adjacent section of unincorporated Los Angeles County (Ladera Heights). The district is home to 12 elementary and six secondary schools. Six of our primary schools have been designated as California Distinguished Schools and one has earned the national Blue Ribbon School distinction.
The mission of the Inglewood Unified School District (IUSD) is to ensure that all of our students are taught a rigorous standards-based curriculum, supported by highly qualified staff in an exemplary educational system characterized by high student achievement, social development, safe schools and effective partnerships with all segments of the community. IUSD has made major strides in carrying out the core values of its mission with the delivery of district-wide programs and services in recent years that are ensuring our students are 21st Century college and career ready. Our focus remains in ensuring that our students, staff, parents, and community have access to a quality education that is in line with our current Local Control and Accountability Plan (LCAP).

Highlights include:
Providing access to high quality professional development learning opportunities for IUSD teachers and administrators to ensure that every student has access to instructors who are prepared to teach to the levels of rigor required by the Common Core State Standards.
A focus on instructional excellence at our secondary sites as students continuously lead the way in statewide MESA competitions and are strong in STEM performance. Our high schools consistently deliver high achieving graduates attending colleges such as UCLA, UC Berkeley and USC.Bennett-Kew Elementary School. Photo: Mark Savage
Dual immersion is well underway for students at Frank D. Parent and Worthington Elementary schools providing students with literacy and academic content in both English and Spanish beginning at kinder and 1st grade for a minimum of six years.
A focus on college readiness for all students with the expansion of the AVID program, which stands
For Advancement via Individual Determination. AVID utilizes note-taking techniques, test preparation, tutorials, study strategies, student collaboration, and a strong emphasis on academic reading and writing skills to prepare students for college success. This program offering has been successfully expanded to include Inglewood High School, Morningside High School, George W. Crozier Middle School, La Tijera TK-8, Frank D. Parent TK-8 and Warren Lane K-6.
Special Education: IUSD achieved full compliance with state and federal special education laws passing all final review items. This means that IUSD offers an exemplary, state-recognized program for students with special needs.


English Learners: IUSD achieved full compliance with all state and federal instructional program regulations for English learners. In fact, four Inglewood elementary schools—Bennett-Kew, Hudnall, Kelso, and Payne—have shown such success that the California Department of Education invited them to participate in a study on the best ways to teach English to second-language learners.
Adopt-A-School Program: Through the IUSD Adopt-A-School program, now in its third year, over 170 groups have adopted Inglewood schools, providing valuable resources and expertise in support of children’s education.
Community Outreach: Outreach to diverse community groups is ongoing. Some examples are the PTA/IUSD Fatherhood Initiative, Legislative Breakfast, Ministers’ Breakfasts, High Tea with community women and senior girls, Inglewood Educational Foundation, student body luncheons, mentoring, and representation on local and county committees.
Student Safety: Student safety is a top priority in the Inglewood Unified School District. IUSD uses district and school safety plans to ensure a safe and positive learning environment for students. The district was awarded a grant from the U.S. Department of Education to upgrade radio communications, place emergency supply bins at all schools, and train staff. The district also launched Connect-ED, a telephone service with which parents and staff can be bhsmb07_128_cropreached at a moment’s notice. In addition, IUSD has adopted the Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS) system throughout its school sites. PBIS uses a proactive approach to teach and model appropriate behaviors and reinforce constructive expectations through affirmations and rewards. This prevention approach has been implemented as a method to improve disciplinary outcomes and foster positive school climates.
These are just a few of the exciting changes taking place in IUSD. Our full recovery plan has identified key observations along with a series of recommendations to reform and make steady progress for capacity building throughout the district. A link is provided on our web page for your convenience along with monthly updates delivered through our monthly district newspaper. We look forward to building upon the current and historical success of our schools.


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