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Specialized Support Services

English Language Development

All Inglewood schools offer English Language Development (ELD) for second language learners. Students take an entrance test to determine their level of English proficiency and receive instruction according to their level, taking annual tests to determine their progress until they graduate from the program as fluent English speakers. Inglewood educators are trained in SDAIE teaching strategies (Specially Designed Academic Instruction in English) that allow students to have equal access to the core curriculum by supporting their vocabulary development and study skills, among other techniques.

Counseling / Psychological Services

In addition to counseling provided through the Special Education department, grief counseling and other counseling services are available as needed throughout the school district as a part of the Project Peace program. Counseling services are provided in partnership with outside agencies including Didi Hirsch and CARS (Centinela Youth Services Counseling and Referral Services).

Character Education

All IUSD schools teach character building. Some schools incorporate monthly values into their morning assemblies and academic programs, while others have after-school character building clubs such as “Boost It Up,” which focuses on morals and values for boys and girls.
Gifted and Talented Education (GATE).

All IUSD schools offer GATE programs for students identified as Gifted and Talented (grades 3-12). Students are selected to participate based on intellectual ability, academic skill, specific ability, or creativity as measured by state test scores, parent and teacher surveys, portfolios, and school ability tests. GATE offers a variety of educational programs featuring project-based learning with the goal of providing gifted and talented students with opportunities to develop their special talents and skills.

Gifted and Talented

Contact your school for special programs for Gifted and Talented students.

Project Peace Collaborative Services

The Project Peace Collaborative unites various community agencies in support of a safe and positive learning environment for students. Project Peace programs address character building and values, conflict resolution, alternatives to violence, anger management, substance abuse prevention and intervention, mental health and counseling services, family mediation, student/police dialogues, and student-led problem solving. For more information about Project Peace programs and services, please call (310) 419-2700 ext 3085.

Career Day

Many IUSD schools host an annual Career Day in which local professionals volunteer their time to explain their careers to students. The idea is to expose students early to different careers and what they need to do in order to prepare for them.

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