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College Preparation

Inglewood College Preparation

It is the Inglewood Unified School District’s goal to make sure that students are prepared not only for entrance into colleges and universities, but also for success once they are there.

Here are some facts about college preparation in IUSD:

  • Inglewood Unified was named #5 in the entire County of Los Angeles in 2005 for the number A-G courses—required for entrance into the University of California and California State University systems—offered. IUSD continues to offer a comprehensive program of A-G courses so that all students are prepared for college entrance and success.
  • The Inglewood Unified School District annually hosts one of the biggest college fairs in Southern California.
  • A total of thirteen different Advanced Placement subjects are offered to students at Inglewood and Morningside High Schools (2006).
  • Graduates in the Class of 2006 earned over $3 million in scholarships, aid, and grants to attend colleges, universities, and trade schools. Among them were five recipients of the Bill Gates Millennium Scholarship—a 4-year scholarship that can be extended to eight years if the student decides to pursue postgraduate studies.
  • City Honors High School sent nearly 100% of students in its first two graduating classes (2005 and 2006) to institutions of higher education, many of whom started as sophomores in the University of California system due to City Honors’ concurrent college/high school enrollment program. In fact, some students earned their Associate of Arts (AA) degrees before their high school diplomas!
  • Since 2005, the Inglewood Unified School District has expanded its concurrent college/high school enrollment program to reach more and more students. High school students can take local college courses free of charge and earn both college and high school credit.
  • Hillcrest High School started an online distance learning program during the 2005-2006 school year. It also opened a state-of-the-art computer-based Design Center in conjunction with DeAnza College, where students can earn college credit for a variety of classes including AutoCAD architectural design, math, and business.

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Saving for College

Golden State ScholarShare College Savings Trust –

This program from the State of California helps families save money for college. Contributions can be withdrawn tax-free to pay for “qualified” higher education expenses. Find out more online or call toll-free at 1-877-SAV-4-EDU.


Inglewood Educational Foundation Scholarships are available to the graduating students from Inglewood, Morningside, City Honors, and Inglewood Community Adult School. Scholarships range from $200 to $1,000. Please contact your school guidance counselor or Maurice Wiley, Inglewood Educational Foundation, at (310) 419-2705 for details.

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