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How Can Partnerships Add Value to IUSD?

Why partner with IUSD? I will ask another question…Why not? I am sure many may be wondering how you can help us reach our goals. The Inglewood Unified School Dis­trict’s mission is to ensure all our students are taught rigorous, standards-based curriculum sup­ported by high quality teachers in an exemplary educational system characterized by high student achievement, social develop­ment, safe schools and effective partnerships in all segments of the community. Certainly, we real­ize this is a lofty goal and must be executed in a collaborative effort.

Will you collaborate with us? We need your input, ideas, sug­gestions and engagement. There are five main reasons we believe your partnership will enhance our efforts to reach our mission in the following ways:

  1. Life Skills – by partner­ing with IUSD, your business can help bring relevance to the classroom by adding real-life and hands-on opportunities for stu­dents. We would love to have you as a guest speaker!
  1. Opportunities – We want to close the opportunity gap that many of our students experience by asking you to provide time to come speak to our students about your leadership story and also giving them the opportunity to learn about your business. Who knows? Maybe they will grow up and become the CEO of a company just because you gave them the opportunity to engage with you!
  1. Access – Access simply means allowing us to enter your place of business. Exposure is the best key to education. It is one thing to read about something and it is much different to experience what you read in real life. You can have allow students an opportunity to take a field trip to your business so they can see “how” the work is done and experience it in front of their very eyes! In fact, you can give them the opportunity to ask ques­tions, try it out, act it out and learn from you as “real models.”
  1. Purpose – In the 21st Cen­tury, our students need to have a moral purpose to reach for their dreams, but, with your help, we can help shape that purpose for them as they grow.
  1. Career Pathways – As a District we realize the importance of preparing our students for college and careers. So, we have and will continue to develop career pathways to guide them in becoming productive citizens who are able to live, compete and excel in a global economy. Your partnership can accelerate this purpose by matching your work with one of our schools to provide practice for students in that career and learn the expectations of the job.
  1. If you would like to partner with the Inglewood Unified School District, please contact Dr. Jacqueline L. Sanderlin, Executive Director of School and Community Engagement at [email protected] or 310-419-2748.
Updated: October 6, 2016 — 11:57 am
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