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State Administrator Presents Recovery Plan for IUSD

Attached is the IUSD Recovery Plan which was presented to the Inglewood Unified School District community and approved at the February 10th Board Meeting. The Plan is the next step in moving our District forward, and in making progress towards shaping the District’s culture into one of success. Please take a moment to review the document and pay special attention to my recommendations for action which we will be implementing. IUSD can and will succeed in providing an outstanding education for our children.

Beulah Payne Students Embark on a New LACMA Experience





(Inglewood, CA . . .). . . Recently, 25 eager Beulah Payne Elementary students spent the afternoon at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) where they received an interactive learning experience about the basics of Visual Arts. The course includes drawing in LACMA’s permanent collection gallery as a way to learn about composition, color, technique and personal expression. Instruction is aligned with state content standards for history, social science, language arts, and the new core curriculum. Students practiced the elements [line, color, form and shape] by analyzing and sketching Spanish surrealist Joan Miró’s playful abstract painting, Animated Forms, as a way to raise students’ powers of perception and stimulate interest in the visual arts and our vast multicultural heritage.

The class was the first in an eight-week, college-level art course that introduced Payne students to LACMA’s treasures while encouraging them to create original artwork in a university lecturer setting.

During the first hour of the visit, students were guided through many diverse galleries featuring various paintings and sculptures. The second hour was focused in a hands-on art room, where the class was challenged to use construction paper and oil pastels in creating abstract art of their own. In subsequent weeks, they will also experiment with other genres and media.

Upon completion of the program, each student will receive a complementary LACMA membership that is good until age 18, allowing them to visit the museum with one adult at any time. This is the second year that Payne is participating in the program, which is fully funded by the museum.

“We are grateful for this exciting collaboration,” said Payne principal Karen Horowitz. One student put it when we were already on the bus back to school, “It went too fast, I can’t wait until next time.”

For more information on the Beulah Payne Elementary LACMA learning experience, contact 310.680.5410.


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constructionNOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the Inglewood Unified School District, of Los Angeles County, California, acting by and through its State Administrator and Governing Board, hereinafter referred to as the District, will receive up to, but not later than 4:00 o’clock p.m. of the 13 day of May 2016, sealed Request for Qualifications (RFQ)/Request for Proposals (RFP) for the award of contract:


Proposals may be mailed via U.S. mail or delivered Fed Ex, UPS, or other courier to: Mark Ferguson, Chief Facilities Operations Officer, Inglewood Unified School District, 401 S. Inglewood Avenue, Inglewood, CA 90301.

Proposals shall be due at the above-stated time and place. Any proposal received by the District after the Proposal Deadline shall be returned to the proposer unopened.

Each proposal must conform and be responsive to the RFQ/RFP documents, copies of which are now on the District’s webpage

Proposals must be submitted in the format contained in the RFQ/RFP. Each proposal must strictly conform with and be responsive to this Notice Calling for Proposals, the Information for proposers, and other Contract Documents. The District reserves the right to reject any or all proposals or to waive any irregularities or informalities in any proposals. Except as provided in Public Contract Code Section 5100 et seq., no proposer may withdraw a proposal for a period of sixty (60) calendar days after the proposal deadline.

All projects that may arise from or relate to this RFQ shall be subject to the California Prevailing Wage Law and related provisions, such that a Payment Bond and commensurate Performance Bond shall be required for all projects. Prior to the award of any contract for public works, the contractor and subcontractors must be registered as public works contractors with the Department f Industrial Relations under Labor Code section 1725.5. For any project awarded, the contractor shall have the right to request securities or escrow in lieu of retention per Public Contract Code section 22300.


Exhibit RFQP Electric Bill Usage…pdf document

IUSD’s Spanish/English Dual Immersion Language Academy Hosts Informational Meeting

 logoResearch shows that language proficiency in both English and Spanish can lead to higher academic performance. In the globalization of our 21st century digital society, cross cultural skills and international access are more important than ever.  Inglewood Unified School District offers Spanish and English dual immersion programs at two sites. Is your child in a dual language program? Are you interested in your child gaining fluency in two languages? Do you want to learn more?
You are cordially invited to join the 
logoDual Immersion Language Academy Parent Meeting on Thursday, April 14, 2016 in the Worthington Elementary Auditorium from 2:15pm -3: 30 pm. Teachers and Administrator will provide a program overview, addressing ways students and families can continually work together to improve this great language program, and answer questions regarding the program.  We hope to see you there!
Please join us.
Worthington School is located at 11101 S. Yukon Avenue, Inglewood CA 90303. 310-680-5350  Ms. Claudia DeLaTorre, Principal

IUSD Green Lights Construction Projects



After being approved by voters nearly 4 years ago, Measure GG funds are finally going to have some real-world effects.  Various construction projects are starting pre-construction planning this April for the 21 schools across the Inglewood Unified School District.

Bond Measure GG, which was approved by more than 86 percent of the voters during the Nov. 6, 2012 election, provided a $90 million general obligation bond for new construction and modernization projects throughout the district. The creation of the bond took into account the district’s safety expectations, enrollment trends, class size, and the high demand for improved technology within each school.

Each school within IUSD will be slated for major improvements in the coming years with new facilities, equipment, and an overall facelift to some of the district’s oldest schools – some of which have been around for nearly 90 years.

The scope of work has been outlined in the IUSD School Facilities Master Plan document with construction plans focusing on four categories: school site health, safety and security projects; school renovation, repair, upgrades and construction projects; district-wide wiring and technology for instructional support and effective learning environments; and miscellaneous projects.

The School Facilities Master Plan document lists its priorities to include, but are not be limited to: repairing/replacing leaky roofs and inadequate electrical and plumbing systems; modernizing, renovating, and constructing classrooms, restrooms, and school facilities; the construction of new science and computer labs, replacing portable classrooms with permanent classrooms; and making energy efficiency and health and safety improvements a priority.

Though the bond measure was approved in 2012, the district and tax payers will now see pre-construction start this April with direct input from community members.

According to the Master Plan, IUSD pre-construction scheduling will take a minimum of 18 months with four phases: programming, design, review and approval from the Division of State Architect (DSA), and bids for construction.

During the first phase, each school site will be reviewed with input from the district and community for ideas on what construction improvements can and should be done to achieve the best results.

Public input is always welcome as community meetings will be scheduled in May and June at the following local IUSD school sites:

  • Worthington Elementary School
  • Payne Elementary School
  • Monroe Middle School
  • Morningside High School
  • Inglewood High School

Residents should also note that other improvements – not just Measure GG construction – are on target for this summer. The IUSD construction schedule currently includes roof replacement projects that will begin in June with a planned completion date set in November, along with LAWA (Los Angeles World Airports) noise abatement projects which are positioned to begin this winter.

So when you drive by a local school in the Inglewood Unified School District over the next few months that’s not just the sound of construction you’re hearing- it’s also the sound of your tax dollars working hard to improve your community schools.

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