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Message from the State Administrator to the Inglewood Unified School District Community:

At the January 13th Board meeting, I was honored to have the opportunity to present both my findings from my first 60 days and a draft of the IUSD plan for recovery to the community.  The plan for recovery includes the activities we are already undertaking and recommendations for the activities that we will need to engage in for the district to recover.  To the left of this message there is a box entitled “IUSD Recovery Info”.  In that box you will find links to the:

  • 60 Days Report
  • The Draft Recovery Plan
  • A power point summary of the 60 Days Report
  • A power point summary of the Draft Recovery Plan
  • A chart that shows our FCMAT Recovery Progress-to-Date

The recovery plan is in draft form.  It was presented to the community but not yet approved.  My request to the IUSD community is that you review the recovery plan and offer feedback regarding what is right with the plan and recommendations for improvement.   If you would like to offer either impressions or further recommendations please send them to: .

I appreciate you reviewing the plan and look forward to receiving your feedback

Vincent Matthews, Ed.D

State Administrator, IUSD

Morningside Students Take on JPL Invention Challenge

A team of talented students from Morningside HS put their interest in Science and Technology to the test as participants in the Jet Propulsion Laboratory Annual Invention Challenge.jpl.fw
This years’ challenge was to create a device that could propel three supplied playground balls to three different targets in less than 60 seconds. Point values were awarded for each successfully completed target. The winning team would be determined by the device which accumulated the most points.

Morningside HS Math and Science Teacher and MESA Instructor Adrian Gonzalez was the advisor for the Project. He explains how being involved in the program helps students become critical thinkers and learn how to value education. “Being involved in team projects like the JPL Challenge enhances students’ social and interactive skills as well as expands their academic knowledge. Their involvement in project design develops their ability to become innovative and creative thinkers.”

Morningside’s student team, the Trajectory8, put in many hours constructing their device for the competition. “We would stay after school from about 3 o’clock until 6:00 or 7:00 at night or until they shut the gate,” said Jesus Iniguez. “It took a lot of hard work and I take a lot of pride in that and my team as well.”

A total of 21 school teams and 2 JPL teams came up with different ways to accomplish this task. The energy sources were varied such as counter-rotating wheels, leaf blowers, surgical tubing, springs, and gravity. The Trajectory8 design was built off a crossbow slingshot mechanism that was very accurate and ultimately propelled this talented team to the finals. “Making it to the finals was a rewarding experience for them,” said Gonzalez. They were involved in the engineering, development, and design of three different hit-the-target machines.

The Challenge is a friendly, yet challenging competition that is open to students from local middle and high schools. Each year, a different engineering challenge is selected. The goal of the Invention Challenge is to show students that math, science, and engineering can be fun.

“We were an underfunded, over talented team and I am really happy with my team and the results,” said Iniguez. “I really like airplanes, the propulsion systems,

Dual Immersion Academy Providing 21st Century Options for Parent School Students

Dual immersion is well underway for students at Frank D. Parent School providing students with literacy and academic content in both English and Spanish beginning at kinder and 1st grade for a minimum of six years.

The goal of dual immersion is to provide students high levels of language proficiency and literacy in both languages that foster academic achievement, and an appreciation and understanding of diverse cultures. “We are excitDual Immersion Academy Parent Schooled about our dual immersion program and its success in working with each child in our care to find his/her unique abilities and gifts,” explains Principal Garry Gregory. Two-way language immersion programs are based on years of research from foreign language immersion models that conclude students perform as well as or better on tests of English than their English-speaking peers who have been instructed only in English. “21st Century society is truly a global society and being multilingual opens doors and changes lives,” added Dr. Stephen McCray, IUSD’s Executive Director of School and Community Relations. “Students who graduate from this program at Parent will be both bilingual and bi-literate, more qualified to enter college, and prepared to work and communicate cross-culturally in a world that becomes more international every day.”

Parent School recently opened its doors to the community to experience their dual immersion classrooms first hand. Miriam Morris, a Ladera resident and mom shared her enthusiasm about her tour experience and the program. “Like all parents, I want my child’s education to serve as a launching pad for achieving his hopes and dreams in life. America is part of a global economy, so speaking more than one language gives you a leg up. But even more important than that, by becoming bi-literate, my son will have a greater appreciation of cultural differences.”

With such a high demand for dual immersion education programs, future parents also toured the academy and spoke with teachers and administration about current program offerings. “It makes me think of the possibilities,” said Alka Patel. Alka’s daughter is currently enrolled in a French immersion pre-school program and would love the idea of extending her instruction through k-6. “It would be a dream come true to have another language in place at Parent School by the time Anika begins as a kindergartener in 2017, and I don’t think it’s impossible to have this happen given the growing population of young families.”
Parent School is proving daily that public education is still the best option for students. “The future of Parent School’s Dual Language Immersion Academy is secure and continues to grow,” says Principal Gregory. “Residents of Ladera are returning and we are excited about our partnerships with the community, and incredibly dedicated staff.”

For more information on the Parent School Spanish Dual-Language Immersion Academy, call 310.430.4049 or email us at

Inglewood Students take Center Stage at the 33rd Annual MLK Celebration

IUSD Students Sweep Speech Contest in each Category

PIO mlk speech contest winners 01 PIO mlk speech contest winners 02 PIO mlk speech contest winners 03 PIO mlk speech contest winners 04

2016 Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Speech Contest winners from left to right: K-2 category – Neveah Bell, Oak Street Elementary School, 3-5 category – Shawn Pringle, Bennett Kew Elementary School, 6-8 category – Tristan Castillo, Monroe Middle School, 9-12 category – Kapri Washington, City Honors High School

(Inglewood, CA. . .). . . Inglewood students, parents, staff, and community gathered for a day of celebration in remembrance of the Life and Legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Attendees began the day early to attend Ecumenical Services at Faithful Central where the winners of this year’s speech contest reminded us all why we should ‘Dream with a Vision, Live with a Purpose.’ One-by-one, IUSD students swept each category winning the elementary, middle, and high school divisions.

“It gave the entire IUSD community great pride to listen to the all four winners of the speech contest,” expressed State Administrator Dr. Vincent Matthews. “Each student told us how Martin Luther King, Jr.’s dream has inspired their lives and shared their hopes and dreams for the future. They also challenged us to do more in helping others. I could not be more proud of them or more inspired by their words. ”

Each winner was presented with an award and a check from the City of Inglewood. Rounding out the morning with music and presentations from Grand Marshals Actress Laya DeLeon Hayes, voice of Disney’s Doc McStuffins and Olympic Gold Medalist Althea Moses, the audience was treated to a special appearance by the Legendary Stevie Wonder.

A historical march reminiscent of days past immediately followed heading down Eucalyptus Avenue, east on Manchester Boulevard, and culminating at the Forum with live music, food, and give-a-ways.

# # #

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